WPNC’18 Theme: Positioning, Navigation and Comms for 5G, Industry 4.0 and the IoT


Industry 4.0 is the set of emerging technologies that, bridging multiple disciplines such as machine learning, 3D localization, automation, optimization and many more, is poised to revolutionize the way industrial processes are designed, instrumented and managed in order to cope with the increasing manufacturing complexity of the factories of the future.


In turn, 5G technologies are a bundle of new wireless communication methods, protocols and radio access techniques that is currently under investigation to create future networks where large numbers of devices of various sizes and different power and complexity consumption profiles will be interconnected to provide a virtually uncountable number of services attending to the most diverse requirements in terms of rate, delay, robustness, spectral and energy efficiencies and so on.


And finally the Internet of Things (IoT) is set to be the new technological playground where services initially developed for the latter two fields, will disseminate to the homes and even the bodies of every-day consumers.


Square in the center of all these major areas of research and development is wireless localization (positioning), which plays an increasingly important role in solving problems in the application arena of Industry 4.0, the technology framework of 5G networks, and the service palette of the IoT.


WPNC, the annual European event which for over a decade provides an international platform for exchanging the latest research results from both Industry and Academia in the areas of Positioning and Navigation and Communication, will embrace Industry 4.0, 5G Networks and the Internet of Things as its theme for the 2018 edition. Be part of the wireless positioning navigation and communication revolution and submit your original contribution to WPNC 2018.